Sanitary Wares

The provided range of one piece closet will help the customers to prevent the development of mildew and mold. In addition, our range effectively expels dampness from the air, so in different humid conditions. This range will function as an organic dehumidifier and maintain the stored material from developing mildew and other harmful substances. The wood that is deployed in our one piece closet range smells very aromatic and pleasant as to keep the customers’ clothes and home smelling fresh. While the scent of our range can go away with time, the customers can simply revive it through sanding the surface.
The wood that is deployed in making our wall hung closet range deters bugs. It is among the greatest advantages of installing our closet range in the homes, offices, schools and other areas. Bugs that would eat on the customers’ clothes and material are repelled and confused by the characteristic and strong smell of the used wooden and other material. In addition, our range of wall hung closet is strong in nature and keeps smelling like rosemary, citronella and other flavors when maintained in the same manner. Moreover, our range is the ideal collection, which protects customers’ expensive woolen and cashmere sweaters.
The provided range of wall hung basin is day to day life indispensable sanitary equipment. Each basin is composed of hard material such as enamel cast iron, terrazzo, ceramic and enamel steel. This range is provided in broad variety but the normal demand is that the main surface is durable, simple to clean, cold, hot, corrosion safe, water tight, smooth and so forth. Since our range is a small footprint collection, it is normally applicable to a medium and small sized bathroom. This range is also deployed for practical, economical, and decorative purposes.
Dissimilar to different washbasins, where the customers have to work hard to clean, and our half pedestal basin range is simpler to clean. The most effective part about our range is that it is accessible in different colors, sizes, and designs. Being minimalist and compact, this range offers the customers’ bathroom a beautiful and clean look. While going through our half pedestal basin collection, customers are advised to confirm their bathroom size and configuration to choose which basic will work wonders in their bathroom space. In addition, this range is obtainable in other options, as well. Simply let us know your requirement and we will provide you a quotation.
We are presenting a classic range of pedestal basin that the customers would consider of when they pictorized a basin in their bathroom. When the customers look at our range, they sense it is entirely supported with the pedestal, yet in truth; this complete range of basin is attached on the customers’ wall. With our range, height is not a problem. The customers can place our pedestal basin range low or high as per their inclination. This makes the point of highly usefulness for children, who face the difficultly to reach the taps.
Our table top basin range is becoming popular among the customers as the entire range is mounted on a table top, which has ample storage space underneath it. This range is highly functional than any other basin range available in the market. In addition, we have made this range to offer optimum functional utility to the customers in their washrooms. Moreover, our table top basin range is highly functional as they are compact in size and ideal for resolving space issues. Moreover, this range does not require any support that leaves more floor area offering a compact appearance to the bathroom.
The customers always look for our range of counter basin that effectively offers a minimalistic as well as spacious look to their bathrooms. These basins are primarily intended for wall mounting, which comes with full- and semi-pedestal configuration to cover the most unsightly tube work. In addition, our counter basin range is ideal for sparing area as it removes the normal pedestal outline and make more floor area underneath, offering the customers elevated space for effective storage of bathroom items. Our range is accessible to the customer’s at most affordable rates.
Our wall mounted basin is something usual that the customers come into touch many times a day. This basin range not only appears good yet suits the bathroom use and lifestyle. Therefore, our range is ideal for the individual, who wish to spare on area in the bathroom but also enhance the stylish look of their bathroom interior theme. This range of wall mounted basin is normally discovered in European style bathrooms. These basins are highly famed among the customers as these are directly fitted into the wall with the help of some brackets and other attachments.
You must have seen our designs of urinals in public toilets, hotels, schools, offices and other places. These products are entirely composed c\from hard material, for example, ceramic, white stone and allied material. The offered products are open from front for the user to stand and perform his business while maintaining equally hygiene and suitable posture. In addition, the provided range of urinals is available to the customers in multiple sizes to suit bathroom spaces and functionality. Bolts attachments are alternatively provided in our range for simple mount ability and introduction to any space.

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