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Digital Wall Tiles

The provided collection of 12 x 18 mm digital wall tiles may be the sole flooring material, which can truly work in any areas of the customers’ house. Our tiles have a strong protective coating layer, which makes them resistant to most stains, chemicals and more substances. This range is among the most demanding tiles in the market due to its adaptability and resilience. Our 12 x 18 mm digital wall tiles can be introduced in distinctive environments with zero stress of constraints, for example, allergic odors, stains, and water
The decorative effective of our 750 x 250 mm digital wall tiles has just taken place in homes of different styles; from customary to colonial; our range has a style and design to suit all applications. This range is broadly adaptable as well as can be deployed in a scope of settings, from baths to kitchens. Whether it is about stone finish or conventional glazed finish, there are ample of styles to meet every individual’s taste. The provided 750 x 250 mm digital wall tiles are often employed in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, high traffic areas, foyers and more areas.
The advancement exists to possess startling inventions of stone and wood imprints on the surfaces for something in the center, left, right and other places. Our range of 800 x 1200 mm digital wall tiles has the advantage of being capable to be amalgamated together. This offers the customers a chance to possess motifs, runners and borders, all placed together to meet an individual’s taste. In addition, our tiles are simple to clean. As nothing enters the surface of our 800 x 1200 mm digital wall tiles, the dirt and dust is simple visible that can be sweep by a mop.

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